Monday, 15 June 2015

Dreams are Magic!


We all have dreams. Rather, we all dream. No matter we are ambitious or not, we are in 'love' or not; we all imagine stuff; stuff, which is not in reality. Dreams are often co-related with ambitions! An ambitious person often speaks in this way; "My dream is to..."; and we all go 'Awww...' But, isn't the word 'goal' more appropriate in such a case! Also those in love imagine situations and circumstances with their partner and it leaves a gentle smile on their face. In both ambition and love, dreams are an integral part of life; dreams are the building blocks of encouragement, happiness, self-being!

The other very common emotion associated with dream is 'fear'. We often get shocked in movies when protagonists wake up from sleep taking deep breaths; making us realize that all the incidents shown were the protagonists' dream. Once I dreamed of failing to appear for an exam, and getting a 'zero' in the second attempt of the same exam! It was dreadful, more so because the subject was taught by the teacher I feared the most in school days!

Dreams are weird! The very basic characteristic of dreams is their weirdness. That which is not real, is weird! Dreaming about the school teacher teaching an engineering subject and failing you is weird. Dreaming about having kids with your crush is weird too! Though it gives happiness, it is not existent. Hence, weird! While dreams in the day are more realistic, or I should say more structured; night dreams are total mad! I reach the position of my Dad and sign my own cheque; I become self-reliant and purchase my favorite car; and more such imaginations we do in day are structured, realistic. All my college classmates sitting in my school classroom being taught by my Mom is so unrealistic! It has never happen and will never happen. Night dreams are mingled in multiple lives of ours. They simulate environment which is a mixture of non-overlapping incidents. But they are invoked by our emotions; joy, fear, love, anger, disrespect, etc. 

Dreams are 'hope'. Dreams are 'goals'. Dreams are 'fear'. Dreams are invoked by our every emotion. This power to dream can make us feel on the top of the world and even in the bottom of a never ending valley! Dreams thus can drive us in our lives. They give us the inspiration to convert goals into reality. They make us realize what actually fear is! We dream our hopes and our hopes make us pray! Dreams are thus the evidence of suspense that life is, the evidence of unexplained, the God!